Our team

Krishna Sravanth MBBS, DNB(ORTHO) is our best Orthopedic surgeon at Aditya Multi-speciality hospital.Joined with passion in orthopedics in Chandigarh and complete his DNB degree in 2014 December
Did his SR ship in govt multi-specialty hospital Chandigarh for a period of 6 months
Then worked in Ambala and has done fellowship in Srikara hospital Hyderabad and sunshine hospital Hyderabad.
Did 1 year senior residency from 2017 Feb – 2018 April in govt general hospital Guntur

started Aditya multi specialty hospital in 2018 may 4th and did 1000 of surgeries in 1st year itself
And has attained reputation in knee replacement spine surgery and trauma management

DR. CH Amulya DM Cardiology, she is a Cardiologist at Aditya multi-specialty hospital.

Bellamkonda Rajashekhar (D.M Nephrology)

Nephrologist consultant and a kidney transplant physician at Aditya Multi-specialty Hospital.

DR G.M.V Kasi Ram MBBS MD Pulmonology is a Pulmonologist consultant at Aditya Multi-speciality Hospital and also COVID-19 Specialist Fellowship in Infectious diseases like bronchoscopy, thoracentesis, obstructive airway diseases, and critical care medicine.

Available Investigations at Aditya Multi-speciality hospital are Spirometry, Feno, 6 Minute walk Test, Lung Oscillometry, and Pulmonology Rehabilitation.

Raghu Sarath (M. Ch. Urology) is a urologist specialist and Laparoscopic and kidney transplant surgeon at Aditya Multi-speciality hospital.